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Web-Site Design

In the modern market place, having an easily accessible website is a necessity. Blackridge Marketing works with a team of professional web-designers to tailor websites to meet clients' needs, as well as maintaining and updating websites so that clients can stay relevant in the constantly changing online sphere. Blackridge marketing can also provide foreign language versions for targetted web-users.

Social Media Marketing

Blackridge Marketing creates dynamic marketing strategies created to establish a web presence, expand that presence, and then use it to efficiently market our clients. Social Media Marketing's role is increasing in modern business, and could be the make or break point for your business. A successful strategy helps to add bottom-line value through pushing product and/or company recognition to a vastly developing and maturing client base..

Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, or others, millions of users are constantly on social media sites. Our team will create a campaign on as many platforms as relevant to your company and/or product, to drive sales, raise capital, especially through Crowd Funding, or attain your defined goals as a client. Our team will create a social media campaign to advertise your company or product on a platform with almost unlimited reach.

Shareholder Communication

Blackridge Marketing has worked with its clients to facilitate open lines of communication between clients and their investors. Through social media dialogue, press releases, and targeted campaigns Blackridge provides clients a chance to connect with their shareholders in a direct and rapid fashion.

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